Friday, May 30, 2008

MS Bugs - You mean they exist?

I have had the pleasure of playing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to try a little Windows Mobile 6 development. This has been a great opportunity to learn more of C# and I have to admit that while I am learning .NET as I go, I am coming up to speed quite quickly. I decided the other night to provide some local storage for some of the values I am retrieving from my server. Microsoft provides a really light-weight version of their SQLServer which runs on the mobile platforms called SqlCe and I have been quite impressed with it so far. I read/watched some of the "How do I?" videos provided on the MSDN website and started using SqlCeResultSets. I wrote a simple loop in my code similiar to the following:
   SqlCeResultSet resultSet = _sqlController.getResultSet(ResultSetType.COUNTRIES);
   if (resultSet.HasRows)
      foreach (SqlCeUpdatableRecord record in resultSet)
          // do something with the result

However, evertime it hit the foreach statement the program would terminate. I suspected this was an infinite loop or some other issue. Well it turns out that indeed there is a bug in .NET 3.5 which causes the ResultSet to enter an infinite loop when the GetEnumerable( ) is called. An interesting article that outlines this is located Jim Wilson's Blog. Fortunately this issue only cost me a few minutes, but I was glad to see that this was a Microsoft issue and not my beginner C# programming skills at fault.

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