Sunday, December 13, 2009

Upgrading to GWT 2.0 with GXT 2.1.0

I had to upgrade my GWT version to 2.0.0 with GXT 2.1.0. For the most part this was pretty straight forward. One change that impacted me was the usage of ImageBundle being deprecated. To convert it to the GWT version of doing things I had to do the following:
  1. extend instead of ImageBundle
  2. replace @Resource with @Source (from ClientBundle)
  3. the return types will need to change to for each of the image methods.

Instead of using the interface directly (after being runtime binded with GWT.create()), you will need to convert the ImageResource to an AbstractImagePrototype. This can be done by calling the create(ImageResource) method.

The thing that is unfortunate about this, is all my setIcon() calls simply referred to a singleton instance of the images. Now they all need to convert to via the create() call. Hopefully I can work out a nicer solution for the future.

The article that helped guide me in this came from the google wiki: ImageResource

Version Info
GXT: 2.1.0
GWT: 2.1.0

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